This is Disney…

I heard this on the radio twice this week. This is children’s programming offered by Disney.

What is striking about this? First, the angry, strident tone. That is highly inappropriate to share with kids particularly in connection with such an inflammatory topic.

But even more striking is the falsehood it represents. Slaves DID NOT build this country. Instead, it was the settlers who laid down the patterns for use of the land; and the Founding Fathers who set up the legal structure. These folks used the accumulated knowledge and wisdom and experience they had derived from Europe, and applied it here.

That is what built this country.

Yes, slaves did some of the work, but so did many others. Yes, owners profited off the use of slaves; but now owners profit off employing other people.

Much of the South was left destitute after the Civil War, so the financial benefits from slavery evaporated away fairly quickly.

Now, let’s talk about the Disney company. Walt Disney died during the late 1960’s, but a couple of others from the Disney family were with the company for some time thereafter. The major turning point came during 1984 when Michael Eisner became CEO. Later, it was Bob Iger. Both of these men were Jewish. These two men led the company for all but a couple of years over the last four decades. The contemporary Jewish worldview therefore became part of Disney’s very fabric. That is why we have seen the embrace of LGBTQ-related matters; and it is also why we are seeing anti-white themes disseminated consistent with Critical Race Theory.

The problem is that many people buy this company’s products in spite of all of the above. They watch or purchase its movies, for instance.

Keep in mind also that Disney owns both ABC and ESPN. When you watch ABC or when you subscribe to cable TV or streaming services that include ESPN, you are financially supporting Disney. When you visit Disney World in Florida, you help enrich the company also.

The company deserves the boot.


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  1. I saw this piece several days ago. AWFUL ! No Disney channel for me, thank you. Shame on parents that let there kids watch this garbage. It has become a Marxist mouthpiece. I am sure Walt is turning over in his grave.

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