4 thoughts on “God Bless the Little Man

  1. This video brings some emotions and thoughts concerning the state of things, specifically our nation.
    1- I’m proud to be what this video refers to as “the little man”.
    2- “The little man” made and STILL makes this country go
    3- The elites despise “the little man” and are, in fact, outnumbered by by them.

    Thoughts to consider about “the little man”
    1- when the little man stands up, elections must be rigged.
    2- when “the little man” is tired of being “locked down”, lock downs are unlocked.
    3- when the elites realize the little man WILL NOT “eat “z” bugs”, THEY will be forced to “eat “z” bugs”.
    4- when “the little man” recognizes that “you will own nothing and be happy” is intended to starve them of their humanity, the elites will have a real problem on their hands.

    The question is when will “the little man” awaken to the fact we are being ruled over by little men?

    1. Some great comments, Tommy. Yes, we are being ruled over by little men. Unfortunately, as Biden likes to say, they have fighter planes at their disposal. That is used to quell the thought of resistance. The treatment of the J6 offenders also comes to mind.

      But you are absolutely right that things can tend to turn when the “little men” become focused and united. The totalitarians thrive on apathy and ignorance and disunity.

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