Josh Stein’s Campaign Announcement for Governor: Where Will His Faith Take Him?

Attorney General Josh Stein released a video several days ago announcing that he is running for governor. Other observers have commented on the shots he took at Mark Robinson in the video. But I want to call attention to a statement he made around the 2:00 mark. He said, “My faith teaches me we are all children of God, and we’re called to make a difference.” Here is the video:

I won’t attempt to dissect this entire video (even though that would be entirely justified). But the statements he made regarding his faith certainly merit commentary.

He speaks about the premise that we are all children of God. But that is not true. The Bible clearly teaches how we become children of God– i.e., by receiving Jesus Christ and believing in Him. Under this qualification, Josh Stein is not a child of God; but I hope he will be some day.

Since he has raised the issue of how his faith motivates him to act politically, I think it warrants further scrutiny.

Josh Stein’s religion is Reform Judaism– one of the most left wing, radical activist branches of contemporary Judaism. Their own website provides glimpses of the stands this movement within Judaism takes. Check them out by clicking the links provided.

The core values of contemporary Judaism include the following:

  • Cultural relativism
  • Secularism
  • Socialism
  • Radical feminism
  • Sexual liberationism

But other important political values within this religious community include open borders and globalism.

During his first years as Attorney General, Stein was constantly joining lawsuits against the Trump Administration for actions it was taking. The direction of Stein’s legal activism against Trump was often based upon these religious values that are part of Reform Judaism. These religious values are often directly opposed to the God of the Bible– both Old and New Testament.

How did Stein ride to office during the 2016 election season? He made a huge stink over the Raleigh Republicans’ bill that would limit the ability of transgender males to access women’s showers and dressing rooms.

But I think if Josh Stein promises that he will act in accordance with his faith– as he did in his campaign announcement video– we need to believe him.


2 thoughts on “Josh Stein’s Campaign Announcement for Governor: Where Will His Faith Take Him?

  1. The Attorney General’s office has been a stepping stone for NC’s last two Governors. Let’s hope that in 2024 there will be a different story. Stein’s values are the the antithesis of most North Carolinian’s values. It will be an interesting race and I am, sure the GOP will put up a formidable candidate.

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