AG Stein Subject of State Bar Complaint for Rule-Breaking

Readers will recall that State Attorney General Josh Stein is running for governor. The Center Square recently reported that a district attorney from the Sandhills region has filed a complaint against Stein with the State Bar. The complaint deals with Stein’s handling of a certain lawsuit. It was a challenge […]

Josh Stein’s Putative Concern over Illegal Drugs

Two important stories were reported in North Carolina last week. First, it was announced that our state had experienced a 22% increase in overdose deaths during 2021 compared with the previous year. Almost simultaneously, our esteemed state Attorney General, Josh Stein, called for funding of a Fentanyl Control Unit within […]

Josh Stein’s Campaign Announcement for Governor: Where Will His Faith Take Him?

Attorney General Josh Stein released a video several days ago announcing that he is running for governor. Other observers have commented on the shots he took at Mark Robinson in the video. But I want to call attention to a statement he made around the 2:00 mark. He said, “My […]