Josh Stein Wants Another Sneaky Welfare Program

Last week, the Daily Haymaker reported about one of Josh Stein’s campaign positions. He wants to enact an earned income tax credit in North Carolina.

That might sound like wonky stuff down in the weeds, but here are the implications. People who don’t pay any income tax in North Carolina (and there are many) would still get a nice, hefty tax refund. In other words, it is a welfare program by subterfuge. It is more socialism.

This is a man who has been angling to become our governor for many years. His ambition knows no limits. But he is buying votes to gain the office.

Of course, socialism is one of the key components of the contemporary Jewish worldview in the United States.


2 thoughts on “Josh Stein Wants Another Sneaky Welfare Program

  1. I assume Stein’s socialist scheme would require a legislative imprimatur and if the GOP holds the house and senate then it would be DOA.

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