Pat Buchanan’s Retirement

My understanding is that Pat Buchanan is retiring from his longstanding syndicated political column. This is a great man who has been right about a lot of things for a long time. I remember reading his columns when I was a teenager and young adult growing up in New York. I later recall watching him on CNN’s “Crossfire” during the 1980’s– and later, the McLaughlin Group.

He gave his famous speech at the Republican National Convention in 1992 after running in the primaries against George H.W. Bush. The GOP establishment was infuriated and exclaimed what an awful speech it was for the party. But in fact, it was a magnificent speech that turned out to be prophetic, warning about the religious war– the cultural war– that the left was waging against us.

He spoke about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. There is no question that Christianity is the basis upon which his speech is given. He also, however, had interlaced some hilarious one-liners throughout. It is an understatement to point out that the crowd was engaged and responsive.

If you have time to watch, you will see that many of the issues we face today had their roots during that time. They were facing many of the same issues, but in a very different way– race riots, environmentalism, communism, the LGBT issue, abortion, etc.

It became apparent upon hearing this speech– both then and now– that Republican primary voters had chosen the wrong man. The comments on which his critics focused most heavily are in the third video around the 4:20 mark:

2 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan’s Retirement

  1. TC: Pat Buchanan is a Great American . He was a warrior for the right causes.
    I too remember watching him on Crossfire and the McLaughlin Group. He’ll be remembered as one of the most consequential conservative voices of the past 50 years.

    1. I agree, Fred. I also remember Rush Limbaugh, who was tied to the Bush family, finally breaking down on his radio program and saying, “Go, Pat!” when the 1992 primaries were taking place. The GOP establishment was an issue then, as it is now, and he knew it. Believe it or not, I think his column was published in the NY Daily News back when I was young.

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