Trump Just Met Yesterday with Drs. Harvey Risch and Paul Alexander

This information was just shared on Dr. Alexander’s Substack page. (HT: BR) Dr. Peter McCullough was invited also but was out of the country. One can only hope that the information these men shared with Trump will alter his entire perspective on the actions he took nearly three years ago; […]

UNC School of Public Health Says Covid-19 Booster Vaccines are Wonderful

The report from the UNC website is found here. Here is what the wonderful folks at the School of Public Health at UNC Chapel Hill did not tell you: As I have mentioned previously, academic medical centers and research institutions are beholden to the federal government. And this behavior persists […]

Hospitals Losing Money Because of Staff Shortages

Today there were some reports about lots of hospitals losing money last year. That typically does not happen. But they drove away staff with vaccine mandates and other arbitrary, nonsensical Covid-related policies. Many hospitals are nearly always “full” because they have shut down many beds due to staffing shortages. Operating […]