Comparing Deaths Due to Covid Vaccines vs. Flu Vaccines

An interesting article took a very conservative approach toward estimating how many people have been dying soon after receiving the Covid vaccines. This particular writer looked at reporting data from numerous countries and concluded the rate is between 5-15 deaths per 100,000 who took the vaccine. He compared this to […]

Evangelical Leaders Now Have Responsibility Given What We Have Learned

Chenyuan Snider, The Stream: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are both required and capable of living by truth but never by lies irrespective of the circumstances we are in.   Regrettably, during the height of the pandemic, Evangelical leaders, Russell Moore, Timothy Keller and Rick Warren just to name […]

Dr. Paul Alexander on the Engineered Covid Virus, Baric/ Chapel Hill, and the Deep State’s Successful Effort to Remove Trump

Dr. Alexander gives a rousing interview starting at the 16:00 mark. He specifically implicates Fauci and Birx, among others, for the effort to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. (And by the way, Alex Newman– the interviewer– has a great daily show on Frankspeech TV.):