How To React When the Media Teams Up With the Socialists Against You

Many of us were justifiably concerned about McCarthy ascending to the role of House Speaker. He has been pretty good thus far, however. I don’t think I have ever seen a Republican legislative leader handle the corrupt media as well as he did: .@SpeakerMcCarthy to reporter: Let me be very […]

Josh Stein’s Campaign Announcement for Governor: Where Will His Faith Take Him?

Attorney General Josh Stein released a video several days ago announcing that he is running for governor. Other observers have commented on the shots he took at Mark Robinson in the video. But I want to call attention to a statement he made around the 2:00 mark. He said, “My […]

Expunging the Confederacy from History is a Huge Mistake

Clyde Wilson is a Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina. In my opinion, he is a regional treasure. I am taking the liberty of republishing here his article at the Abbeville Institute blog titled, “Our Hate Confederates Moment“: The Confederacy makes up a sizable and interesting […]

Georgia Turmoil: The Gay “Marriage” Pedophilia Case and the Antifa Attacks

While it was shocking at one level, it should have been completely expected and anticipated. In the state of Georgia, just outside Atlanta, a male gay “married” couple with two adopted “sons” (both minors) was arrested and charged with raping the two boys; incorporating them into pornography that was produced […]