Putin Accurately Diagnoses the “Moral Rot” in the United States and the West

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ratcheting up their proxy war against Russia; and are throwing around reckless rhetoric to further provoke Putin. In response, Putin is pulling out of a nuclear agreement with the United States. In addition, he gave a speech that was very insightful regarding the cultural […]

Imprimis: Great Articles on Covid-19 Response, Ukraine War

Hillsdale College has a free publication it will mail to anyone who requests it by subscription. It is almost always a reliable source of information. Some readers will be familiar with Imprimis. The publication ran two recent articles that are particularly worthy– one on the economic disaster caused by the […]

Tillis Supports Escalation in Ukraine by Providing Armed Drones

The desire is to “turn the tide” against Russia. This call comes on the heels of his once again betraying his GOP base by supporting same-sex marriage even without concomitant religious liberty protections– a move that has attracted the negative attention of the Family Research Council in Washington. Tillis fails […]