“Original Sin” of the US Health Care Industry

A neat infographic from the Cato Institute identifies the key factor that led to so many other troublesome issues in the health care industry related to cost and efforts to contain costs. That key factor is employer-sponsored health insurance. The federal government gave employers huge incentives to provide this benefit. […]

Biden Trying to Undermine Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Obamacare has been a disaster. It caused the cost of health insurance to increase— not to decrease as was advertised. Since Obamacare was enacted into law, there have been only two places one can seek lower cost private coverage– the Christian healthcare sharing ministries and short-term health insurance plans. Trump […]

385 Million Health Care Records Breached Over 12 Years

Health Care Dive: Healthcare companies more than ever are using electronic records and tapping digital services. That’s also creating more opportunities for cybercriminals — who already have exposed the private medical information of millions of patients — and bolsters the case for the industry to make security priority No. 1, […]