385 Million Health Care Records Breached Over 12 Years

Health Care Dive:

Healthcare companies more than ever are using electronic records and tapping digital services. That’s also creating more opportunities for cybercriminals — who already have exposed the private medical information of millions of patients — and bolsters the case for the industry to make security priority No. 1, experts say.

Healthcare breaches have exposed 385 million patient records from 2010 to 2022, federal records show, though individual patient records could be counted multiple times.

The perception that health care facilities might be up-to-date or of higher quality because they use electronic records is absolutely erroneous. The fact is that they have made patient confidentiality negotiable and highly unstable. HIPAA is an illusion.


3 thoughts on “385 Million Health Care Records Breached Over 12 Years

  1. HIPAA is supposed to protect our private medical records from prying eyes. However there are certain situations where the well-meaning and not so well-meaning would love to get their hands on this type of information but both situations are a no no ! TC: you are absolutely correct when you say HIPPA is an illusion. No cloud is impregnable.

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