Greensboro Wants Tax Increase, Spends More than Comparable Durham

Greensboro and Durham are both left-wing cities awash in racial identity politics. They are of comparable size. But Greensboro spends lots more money than Durham does. John Hammer, Rhino Times: Durham, which is… growing much faster than Greensboro, is essentially the same size with a population of just under 292,000. […]

Civil Service Board Would Undermine Greensboro’s Corrupt Machine Politics

We had reported about the Civil Service Review Board bill passed in the NC House a couple of weeks ago, and there have been various news stories about it since then. One article noted some expressed concern about the ability of the city manager to take action in the event […]

The Greensboro City Council’s Decision to Make Triad Stage Less Viable

There had been a major push within the Greensboro establishment to fund and build the Tanger Center as a city-owned and operated facility. Bonds put city taxpayers on the hook for interest expense. And the annual operational expenses were bound to be a financial liability for taxpayers. But this decision […]

City Of Greensboro Gleefully Bleeding Money on Crony/ Donor’s Parking Deck

Longtime readers will recall that Randall Kaplan is Congresswoman Kathy Manning’s husband. (Never mind the two different surnames. That is how it is done in certain circles). Kaplan and Manning were local attorneys who donated heavily to political candidates locally. He had an ambition to build a hotel on Elm. […]

Greensboro’s “Sheds for the Homeless”

An interesting proposal is being developed by Greensboro’s city government. There is a desire to provide housing for the homeless. The city is accordingly proposing a “Pallet Shelter” project. Approximately thirty of these tiny houses are being planned. They will be located on the ballfield at Pomona Park. There have […]