Greensboro Water/ Sewer/ Stormwater Fees Skyrocket

The new budget passed by the Greensboro City Council includes the following increases: Water rates: 10.25% Sewer rates: 7.25% Stormwater rates: 20% It should be noted that many of the city’s fees had been increased nearly every year since time immemorial. The increases this year are exorbitant. That is the […]

Left vs. Left: Local Politicians Struggle Against The Worst Instincts Of Their Own Side

I found pretty interesting a couple of stories affecting the our local government. First, the city of Greensboro is attempting to move some contaminated soil from Barber Park to the White Street Landfill. The local left– immersed in racial identity politics– had made it impermissible to use this particular landfill […]

City of Greensboro Takes Another Step Toward Socialism

During recent years, we have seen our esteemed Greensboro City Council adopt various incremental socialist measures. The body is dominated by socialists with virtually no opposition. Triad City Beat reports that the City Council is now pushing to fund a private advocacy group that attempts to shield people from eviction […]

Spreading Greensboro Homicides To the County

The message was beyond parody. Mayor Nancy Vaughan asked during her State of the City address regarding the city’s high homicide rate, “Where is the outrage?”. She asked this after having spent many years undermining the police, playing identity group politics and hamstringing law enforcement. She and her fellow council […]