“Community Meeting” Infuriates Friendly Neighborhood

I attended a community meeting tonight that was called by Bo Rodenbough. It was held at the Westminster Presbyterian Church. Rodenbough is an attorney with the Brooks Pierce law firm who represents Glenn Drew– the former head of American Hebrew Academy– in his efforts to rezone a property on Friendly […]

Friendly Rezoning Group Takes To Task Former Hebrew School Leader

Recall that the property in question for the Friendly Avenue rezoning controversy is owned by Glenn Drew. He is the nephew of Maurice Sabbah, the gentleman who funded the development of the American Hebrew Academy school and property at the intersection of Hobbs Rd. and Jefferson Road in Greensboro. Mr. […]

Greensboro’s Homeless and Center City Park

There was an interesting article on the Rhino Times website that highlights a discussion among Greensboro City Council members that Greensboro is attracting large numbers of homeless folks from other states and other cities. Another article discussing the homeless quotes Zack Matheny commenting on the fact that the homeless are […]

Greensboro Looking At Red Light Surveillance Cameras again

Nearly two decades ago, Greensboro had a red light camera program. It placed surveillance devices at certain intersections. The goal was to catch motorists when they sought to beat the change from yellow to red. In cases when the motorist ran red lights, their license plate was photographed and they […]