Greensboro Water/ Sewer/ Stormwater Fees Skyrocket

The new budget passed by the Greensboro City Council includes the following increases:

Water rates: 10.25%

Sewer rates: 7.25%

Stormwater rates: 20%

It should be noted that many of the city’s fees had been increased nearly every year since time immemorial. The increases this year are exorbitant.

That is the cost of having a political arrangement in which the interests of two main power groups– and a commitment to “progressivism”– are furthered; and the taxpaying citizens are effectively disenfranchised. We have been ignored far too long.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro Water/ Sewer/ Stormwater Fees Skyrocket

  1. Greensboro taxpayers in the Peoples Republic pay the piper but have very little representation.

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