Federal Government Warns About Failing Reliability of Electricity

There is a relatively unknown federal agency called “FERC” (i.e., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) that is relatively independent, and that exists in part because of the interstate transmission of electricity. Power is generated in one state and then transmitted across state lines; so the federal government gets involved. It […]

The Causes of the Great NC Christmas Blackouts: Adversarial Processes Produce Better Outcomes

On Friday, December 23, many people in the state lost power because of high winds. But on Christmas Eve– the morning of Saturday, December, 24– the state’s citizenry was subjected to rolling blackouts for the first time in history in the midst of a record demand for electricity. The weather […]

Update on our Christmas Present: “Rolling” Power Outages in NC

A significant development was announced yesterday with regard to the power outages during severe, frigid weather this past weekend. The N.C. Utilities Commission will hold a hearing on Tuesday during which Duke Energy is being asked to answer questions about this situation. An article at BusinessNC.com discusses this hearing and […]