The Politics of Energy in North Carolina

An engineer within the state Utilities Commission recently predicted that rates for electricity could potentially double by 2026. And to compound the problem, Jon Sanders of the John Locke Foundation points out that we will have less reliable electricity when we are paying those high rates.

Sanders blames this situation on poor policy choices. By whom? The Marxist governor and his Utilities Commission and also the Republican General Assembly.

But that is not all. Long term readers might recall that Governor Cooper previously acted in a corrupt manner to grant a pipeline permit only if the pipeline company agreed to pay a huge bounty to his favored interest groups. Unfortunately, the state legislature did not hold him accountable.

Now, Cooper is apparently interjecting himself into another pipeline permitting process, and calling for the project to be denied. What would be the cost for getting it approved this time, Roy?

We rely on one natural gas pipeline for our supply in North Carolina. If that shuts down, we are out of luck. But Governor Cooper doesn’t care.


2 thoughts on “The Politics of Energy in North Carolina

  1. Lots of blame to go around but the Green Movement is primarily responsible for corrupt energy policies. Remember Biden telling laid off Keystone pipeline workers to learn to code,.

    “Biden’s campaign has proposed moving the U.S. away from fossil fuels to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. He advocates helping lifelong miners secure sustainable jobs and keep their benefits. His plan calls for a ‘Task Force on Coal and Power Plant Communities’ to reinvigorate communities that depend on mining and coal as their economic backbone. The plan would invest in assets of mining communities, “like a rich culture, natural beauty, a proven workforce, and entrepreneurial spirit”

    What lying BS !

    And Obama saying “Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

    Vote in 2024.

    1. Even in the face of all that has happened with rising inflation and gas prices and price of housing and mortgage rates, the socialist base is for the most part loyal. The independents might turn, but then there is the problem of election fraud that hasn’t been fixed…

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