Biden’s Energy Play to Save His Re-Election

We all know how energy prices exploded after Biden took office because he took various measures to make exploration, drilling and transport of various types of energy much more difficult and expensive. And we know that this played a key role in causing the inflation we are now seeing, which triggered higher interest rates and the banking crisis.

I viewed a presentation within the past few days that suggested Biden’s handlers are now making a major compromise to secure his re-election. What is that compromise? Mostly natural gas.

The radical environmentalist left– after having savaged coal and oil– were beginning to go after natural gas because it is carbon based even though it is much cleaner than oil or coal. And Biden had been catering to their demands. But now there has been a turnabout.

During recent months, he has been trying to make natural gas “work” within the context of his energy policy. He just approved oil drilling in Alaska. There apparently has been some loosening on pipelines, export facilities and fracking. The agenda is to secure a more prosperous future by selling the European Union lots of liquid natural gas. This, of course, dovetails with Biden’s bombing of the Russian Nordstream pipeline and the socialists’ desire to hurt Russia economically.

I don’t know where this leads in terms of economic improvement. But some loosening has been taking place that we tend not to hear much about, and that might have some impact. And it has apparently occurred because Biden’s handlers recognize their retaining power may be in jeopardy.


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  1. Nope this feint isn’t going to work. The true believers in green still hold the day in the West Wing.

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