Why “the Establishment” Wants to Fight Russia

Kevin MacDonald, Occidental Observer:

The multipolar world is coming into being and is being speeded up by the war in Ukraine. For the neocons in charge of U.S. foreign policy, it’s an existential moment because their much yearned for unipolar world run by the U.S. in close alliance with Israel may be unraveling, in large part because of their own ambitions to destroy Russia—a hatred borne of old grievances specific to the long sojourn of Jews in Russia, where anti-Jewish attitudes have a long history (even under Bolshevism), Putin’s banishing of politically involved Jewish oligarchs,  Russia’s alliances with Israel’s enemies Iran and Syria, their rejection of globalism in favor of nationalism (the ADL considers calling out any Jew for supporting globalism to be “anti-Semitic“), and their support for traditional Russian Christian culture rather than, e.g., LGBTQ+ which is championed by powerful Jewish organizations throughout the West.”


2 thoughts on “Why “the Establishment” Wants to Fight Russia

  1. I for one am sick and tired of this proxy war being fought with our treasure on behalf of a tinhorn little Nazi who bans political parties and religions but is portrayed by our pols and media as some sort of heroic figure. Stop the aid and watch from the sidelines.

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