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  1. TC: Thanks for that stirring rendition of Dixie. I was born in Dixie ( Atlanta , Georgia ) one frosty morn and that brought back memories of my home town. It used to be a good place to bring up a family.. not so much anymore.

    I recall Mom and Dad taking me to see the Cyclorama . Its most noted attraction is a cylindrical panoramic painting of the 1864 Battle of Atlanta. It was painted in 1886, took 5 months to paint by 17 artists, it is 49 feet tall, 371 feet long, weighs 10,000 pounds, 17866 square feet, 124 figures in the Diorama and 6000 figures in the painting. It is awesome.

    Here is a short YouTube about it:


    Look away Dixie Land…

    1. Yes, I remember visiting the Cyclorama years ago when it was at the Zoo. Awesome thing to see and experience. I just searched online and apparently it has been moved to the Atlanta History Center. The tendency is for these historical sites to be “sanitized” and “contextualized”.

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