N&R Publishes Article That Highlights Opposition to Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility

A particular article was published this weekend that highlights opposition to the project. But I seem to recall seeing at least one other from the News and Record previously that did not push in a one-sided fashion the Biden Administration agenda regarding the American Hebrew Academy being converted to temporary […]

NC Mainstream Media Overwrought Concern over Transgender Bills, Robinson

It is incredible how they pull off these dirty tricks repeatedly over a period of decades. The News and Record had a story that highlighted one major stated concern over the various transgender bills being advanced in the General Assembly. The big worry is that the bills, if passed, will […]

Comparing Deaths Due to Covid Vaccines vs. Flu Vaccines

An interesting article took a very conservative approach toward estimating how many people have been dying soon after receiving the Covid vaccines. This particular writer looked at reporting data from numerous countries and concluded the rate is between 5-15 deaths per 100,000 who took the vaccine. He compared this to […]