Bloomberg Stumped Over Spike in Heart Disease Deaths

Michael Bloomberg, the former NYC mayor and financial titan, has built a highly profitable set of websites that primarily focus on complex, detailed financial information, markets and economic matters. He sells access to this specialized financial information on these websites.

But he also reports some news. And a couple of days ago, there was a pretty striking news story.

The headline reads: “A Spike in Heart Disease Deaths Since Covid Is Puzzling Scientists”.

I think some of us have been privy to some information that might explain all those heart disease deaths. How can the enlightened media class have missed this information?

Addendum: On a somewhat related matter, Dr. Jim Thorp– one of the heroes of the pandemic– has placed on notice the corrupt medical specialty societies that continue to push the Covid vaccines and refuse to acknowledge the harm that is taking place.


4 thoughts on “Bloomberg Stumped Over Spike in Heart Disease Deaths

  1. All-cause mortality and disability both spiked (not during the Covid year of 2020, the year we all developed natural immunity to Fauci’s virus)… immediately after the “vax” was rolled out in early 2021. Oh, but it couldn’t be that. 😉

    I’m thankful for the very courageous heroes like Dr. Jim Thorpe.

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