Attacks on Christians Mount

I recently saw a couple of articles that detail how circumstances are becoming more difficult for Christians.

One cites a Family Research Council study documenting an 800 percent increase in attacks on churches in the United States that include bombings, shootings, satanic vandalism and other instances. This increase developed over a period of six years.

Another specifically cites 168 times that religious freedom had been violated in Western countries.

Yes, all of this is predicted in the New Testament, numerous times. It is now becoming more vivid for all of us to see. The dark forces don’t want to see authentic Christianity practiced and represented.


2 thoughts on “Attacks on Christians Mount

  1. Christianity is two thousand years old . It has always been under attack, much more forcefully in its nascent days than today. It is abundantly clear that currently there are forces that want to suppress it, in even in violent ways. The FRC stats support this aggression. Or take for instance the FBI’s plan to infiltrate the Catholic churches.

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