Conservative NC Doctor Fired For Political Beliefs

The culprit is the Duke hospital system. The James G. Martin Center has the details.

The issue in question is the degree to which “racism” impedes medical care. This particular doctor justifiably call out the entire narrative as incorrect. They fired him in retaliation.

Woke medicine in the hospital systems reign supreme.

These hospital systems are nearly all corrupt– ethically and morally. They might differ from each other slightly, but nearly all act in similar ways.


6 thoughts on “Conservative NC Doctor Fired For Political Beliefs

  1. Yes, it is not only Duke that is infected with this totalitarianism . It is a shame what happened to Conger. Does is plan to stand up and fight this or not ?

    1. I don’t know, Fred, but the article states his contract allowed Duke to fire him for any reason. That means, for all practical purposes, that he really had NO contract.

      This is a great illustration why it has been a profound mistake for physicians to be employed by hospital systems.


    “A 2021 strategic plan by the Duke University School of Medicine links various elements, such as expecting people of color to be on time, with white supremacy culture and has a stated goal of increasing the overall percentage of “Black, Hispanic, Indigenous, and People of Color among our faculty, senior staff, and learners.”

    The stated goal could be in violation of the 2023 Supreme Court ruling in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina and President & Fellows of Harvard College. The 6-3 ruling by the high court severely limited, if not effectively ended, the use of affirmative action in college admissions.”

  3. An acquaintance who lives in Durham says Duke hospital is terrible and getting worse. Lots of horror stories about poor or negligent care. She says, “don’t ever go there”.

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