Denying Third Party Ballot Access: NC GOP Responds

We had previously shared here that Jim Jordan’s committee in Washington will be investigating the NC State Board of Election’s efforts to stymy third parties getting access to the ballot to run their presidential candidates in our state.

Now, the North Carolina House GOP is getting involved according to WRAL. There will be an oversight committee inquiry. This is getting to be a fairly big deal.

As I shared yesterday, the socialists are trying to pull similar tricks in other states to keep RFK, Jr. off the ballot elsewhere. They are doing everything they can to assure the victory of their chosen candidate (whoever that turns out to be)– election fraud, facilitating illegal aliens voting, lawfare and restricting ballot access for third parties.


2 thoughts on “Denying Third Party Ballot Access: NC GOP Responds

  1. If any of these three candidates will take votes away from Biden then I say let them on the ballot.

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