The Biden Debate Failure

Everyone knows by now that the debate was a blow-out. It is pretty clear that the socialists set Biden up for failure hoping that it would lead to his replacement. It also seems apparent that CNN was a part of this effort.

While Joe Biden at some level wants to continue, the candidacy is now up to Jill Biden. She is ultimately the force behind his remaining in the race because she is the one person who can persuade him to withdraw.

But she relishes the power and status. She likely has more of a role in this administration than many are aware. In many respects, the Biden Administration is an Obama/ Jill Biden joint initiative.

It is her pridefulness that has kept Joe Biden in the race. Meanwhile, virtually the entire media/ left complex is calling for his ouster because they perceive their grasp on power is at risk. They had been covering for him for four years, but that is no longer possible.

Let’s see what happens.


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