Good-Bye, Summerfield

The Triad Business Journal reports David Couch exulting over his victory after having bought off the North Carolina General Assembly:

For nearly a decade, all I’ve wanted to do is use my private property – in a town that I love and call home – to construct new homes for people according to a beautiful plan created by the world-renowned design firm, Dover, Kohl & Partners,” he said in the statement. “And for quite a long time, Summerfield’s government has manipulated its zoning code to only allow homes in a certain price range.”

He conveniently neglects to mention that he knew what the zoning was when he bought the property. He tries to create the perception that he is altruistically trying to provide affordable housing for people when he is merely attempting to enrich himself.

He also claims to love Summerfield even as he forces upon all his neighbors a proposal they adamantly don’t want.

And this begins the destruction of Summerfield’s special rural/ suburban atmosphere. What the General Assembly did was utterly corrupt. It ought not interject itself into local zoning disputes unless it applies the same action statewide.


6 thoughts on “Good-Bye, Summerfield

  1. You can bet the farm that this decision was motivated by the government’s desire to control ALL private property in regards to its use and ownership. Couch was their tool with deep pockets and great and powerful connections to get her done. His legal team pulled the usual “race card” and “privilege” to sway the assembly and some residents who feel marginalized in the current political climate. Say ‘adios’ to the peaceful parts of rural America while China buys up farmland and heartless politicians cast lots for the land that generations have toiled to cultivate and preserve for their families. These tyrants were elected, promising to keep our rural areas untouched all while they plunged a knife in our backs with a parting twist. We should all just get used to miles and miles of vinyl villages where our cattle used to graze.

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