6 thoughts on “How Many NC Voters Know They Won’t Be Able to Buy Gas Cars?

  1. I have commented previously that all collectivism (whether socialism or fascism) devolves to feudalism over time. The ruling class passes down their privilege and the masses become more serf-like.

    Restricting our ability to travel is very much in line with making us more serf-like. Coupled with making electricity a lot more expensive with solar/wind mandates, EVs will reduce our mobility. Kill switches, which have also been decreed in new cars, even more so.

      1. That’s right, Triad. After 30 years of massive subsidy, wind/solar have not had the technological breakthrough that makes it conceivable for them to replace fossil fuels. They don’t replace it at all, but are an add on that increases the cost of electricity. In this sense alone, EVs make no sense. Never mind the problems of mining lithium, etc.

        If I pay the ruling class the compliment of assuming they aren’t that stupid, I’m left with the deduction that they are malevolent towards the rest of us.

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