Another Southern Seminary Story

This is the institution led by Albert Mohler.

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4 thoughts on “Another Southern Seminary Story

  1. Sounds to this outsider that SBC has more than more just a few secret apostates.

  2. Yes, Fred, one story after another…

    I think, however, this has affected nearly all denominations. The liberal mainline Protestants have had this mess for many decades. Francis brought it to the Catholics. And many of the other conservative Protestant denominations are similarly afflicted, at least to some degree.

  3. I purchased a book yesterday titled “The Christian Left” by Lucas Miles. Having just begun reading this timely piece, I’ve not gotten deep into its message but I have determined from its beginning that the seeds of corruption within the church have been sown and watered over the ages. Only now is the pace of this rotten theology taking over like a noxious weed and way too many church leaders and their flocks are being strangled in its tendrils. It’s becoming nearly impossible to find a church where its mission and message remain pure to the Word of God and its theology uncorrupted by modern societal decay. The saddest part in all of this is the average Christian has no idea this is happening. For example, nearly every family has at least one person who is either gay or transgender. If they don’t, they know someone who does. This is the case in our family. God’s word is clear on the handling of this matter but it’s too painful for most to respond to this issue biblically and so is the message from the progressive pulpit entirely antithetical to God’s response to anything unholy. This whole subject could take days to unpack but in summary, we are living in the days when ‘men will no longer tolerate sound doctrine but only that which their itching ears want to hear.’

    1. Thanks, Jan, for some great comments– and I agree completely. I also think there is a generational aspect to this because younger clergy are often going to be more contaminated with this junk having recently graduated from seminaries that are also corrupted. The older pedigree of biblical clergy– the war horses– are aging out and getting replaced.

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