New SBC President: Clint Pressley

Clint Pressley was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention this week. He is the pastor of Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte. Given the fact that he was not among the two identifiably most conservative candidates that were running, I wanted to learn more about him.

It appears that Pressley is biblically conservative on a number of important matters. However, there are at least a couple of issues.

First, his church has employed as a youth minister an Hispanic gentleman who is an illegal alien. The church is located in a “multicultural” section of Charlotte. This particular pastor previously worked for one of George Soros’ immigration organizations. Both Pressley and this youth minister, according to these sources, have been associated or aligned with others who had dabbled in Critical Race Theory and other “woke” topics.

In the video below, Rev. Pressley expresses support for amnesty for certain illegal aliens:

In addition, he has engaged in highly questionable preaching on the topic of race and “racism”:

The above is clearly garbage.

Another post elsewhere represents that Pressley is part of the SBC liberal establishment; and is aligned with the leader of the North American Mission Board.

The two most conservative candidates– Jared Moore and David Allen– together only secured approximately 31% of the vote. That means 69% of the delegates are voting for candidates who are not the best choices.


6 thoughts on “New SBC President: Clint Pressley

  1. When you take money from Soros groups, you’re playing ball. This game requires caving. This is exactly what the documentary, Enemies Within the Church, presents. It is a form of Christian Nationalism from the liberal/progressive side. No thanks.

    1. I agree, Tommy. I should point out that it was the Hispanic youth pastor who worked for the Soros immigration organization, not Pressley.

      This is unfortunately what Cooperative Program giving supports within the SBC. I continue to be astonished at how quickly things turned…

      1. We are witnessing, Citizen, the Long March Through The Institutions. And it facilitates the ongoing Cultural Revolution. Co-opting the denominations can be very helpful to their “cause”.

  2. Looks like the delegates were sold a blll of goods. If 69% voted for someone like Pressley then the SBC has big problems that can’t be solved without dissolution.

    1. Fred, I think it was 69% who voted for Pressley or other moderate/liberals (there were 6 candidates initially), and then Pressley won the run-offs.

      I think these delegates knew precisely what they were doing. As I noted, many of them are employees of the Southern Baptist Convention in the seminaries and mission boards and the like. They are not representative of the people out in the churches, but they are given a disproportionate voice in voting for the direction of the denomination. I think that is a big factor with regard to what is happening.

      There are black churches in the convention that will vote this way, in part because they have female pastors. And you also have other churches like Pressley’s– urban churches– that might tilt more moderate/ liberal. But I think the employees of SBC entities like seminaries and mission boards are the key factor.

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