Local Southern Baptist Pastor Charged By US DOJ

Matthew Queen was recently called to become pastor of Friendly Avenue Baptist Church in Greensboro.

The Christian Post is reporting today that he is being criminally charged by Joe Biden’s DOJ in connection with his previous position at one of the seminaries. Biden had been going after the Southern Baptist Convention and this seminary over MeToo allegations.

Recall that the liberals in the SBC had used the sexual abuse allegations as a means of undermining conservatives within the denomination and exerting further control over local churches.

The DOJ is alleging falsification of records and criminal obstruction.

Our federal government has become an instrument of tyranny.


4 thoughts on “Local Southern Baptist Pastor Charged By US DOJ

  1. I guess all I can say is innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Biden’s reign of terror is coming to an end in November.

    1. Yes, absolutely, Fred, innocent until proven guilty. The sad, unfortunate part is that this pastor has to defend himself. I hope the seminary’s insurance is providing his legal defense because otherwise he will be likely wiped out financially. It is so unfair, and I suspect he is innocent.

      But Biden is going after Trump and his people, and also Christians and other conservatives. This is a reign of terror; and Biden has had only token opposition. House Republicans in DC have done nearly nothing since gaining control of the House.

  2. It was the entirely fraudulent angle by which they initially arrested the heroic Julian Assange. And attempted to cow Matt Gaetz. How Orwellian to call it the Dept. of Justice.

    Any politically incorrect person assailed by DoJ/CIA should get a double benefit of the doubt.

    1. Healey, I agree. There is another important point. Their modus operandi is to trip up the people they want to target on “process crimes”. We heard about that in connection with Trump and his people. They are not going after them for the original offense under investigation, but instead for conduct that occurred in response to the investigation.

      That is precisely how they are targeting Rev. Queen. It is really sad for him and his family– and for his church– that they should have to go through this.

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