Tying Together The Methods Used

Don’t let the fact that this fellow is an Australian legislator deter you from watching this video. He delivers a well-researched, passionate speech that initially explores how the American military collaborated in a consortium with Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada to manipulate what the response to Covid-19 would be. These types of relationships explain why the response was similar in many countries. But he also delivers stinging critiques of various aspects of the response:


4 thoughts on “Tying Together The Methods Used

  1. This gentleman has figured out the monstrous scheme that was foist upon he innocent. I guess he is calling for further investigation by a ” royal commission ” similar to the US House of Representatives hearings.

    1. I can only wonder, Fred, what the key players were truly thinking when they made these moves. It seems pretty clear that some of them were eager to get rid of Trump and to use the pandemic toward that end. But it’s also clear there were other things happening also.

  2. Tell it! Moderna and Pfizer both have CIA links. The over-all control of the Plandemic response in the US was I believe under the Dept. of “Defense”. We are ruled by criminals.

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