“How The Left Is Stealing Your Church”

This video takes on the topic of “wokeism” and social justice within the evangelical church. Although the short film was produced a couple of years ago, it still resonates today. Among the religious leaders and pastors featured in this video is North Carolina’s JD Greear, the former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, whose church helped spawn Mercy Hill Church here in Greensboro:


2 thoughts on ““How The Left Is Stealing Your Church”

  1. George Soros is evil. I have witnessed my church , UMC, be torn apart by these wicked forces.

    What to do ?

    1. The sad part, Fred, is that nearly every denomination at this point has been contaminated by this trash– even denominations that used to be considered conservative. Do you stay and fight? That can seem difficult when there is inertia, or when the tide is against you. It is also difficult to leave behind relationships you have formed over many years. But if you were to leave, where would you go, understanding that might be good today can be corrupted tomorrow?

      Even within denominations that have become corrupted, individual churches within the denomination can remain faithful to scripture. The minimum expectation is that the church be biblically-based. You would like the church to teach correctly on important worldview and cultural issues, and not shy away from them. You would also like to have a church that defends the faith in a robust manner.

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