City of Greensboro Takes Another Step Toward Socialism

During recent years, we have seen our esteemed Greensboro City Council adopt various incremental socialist measures. The body is dominated by socialists with virtually no opposition.

Triad City Beat reports that the City Council is now pushing to fund a private advocacy group that attempts to shield people from eviction and provide them with rental assistance monies. The concern expressed is impending homelessness for those evicted from their apartments.

This is, indeed, a legitimate concern. The measures being proposed, however, entail landlords being deprived of their rights to their own property; and taxpayers being forced to subsidize others. Charity should be voluntary– not coerced.

The concerns regarding homelessness, while justified, create additional problems if they lead to bad public policy decisions. We have already seen that in Greensboro because homeless individuals now freely overrun the downtown area eroding the quality of life of area residents.


2 thoughts on “City of Greensboro Takes Another Step Toward Socialism

  1. The Peoples Republic of Greensboro is on track to be like San Francisco.

    “San Francisco’s Managed Alcohol Program, or MAP, provides housing, three meals a day, nurse-administered alcohol — usually in the form of beer or vodka — dosed to keep clients at a “safe level of intoxication,” and enrichment activities.
    It started in 2020 as public health officials responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and its goal isn’t to reduce patients’ alcohol use or lead to abstinence but to increase their safety and overall quality of life.”

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