Anti-Semitism Update: Criminalizing the New Testament

Readers will recall that the Republicans in the US House passed a horrible bill ostensibly to oppose anti-Semitism; and the Republicans in Raleigh are primed to do the same thing. There has been considerable reaction in various quarters.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin cites Dr. Steven Jones who had stated unequivocally that the bill criminalizes God’s Word:

Moreover, the Rev. Al Mohler– a big name among Southern Baptists and the leader of Southern Seminary– had this to say at World Magazine:

Clearly, one looming danger is that the left will use the bill to shut down conservative speech and conservative arguments—even some arguments in support of Israel—as the law takes on a life of its own in the hands of the administrative state.

Concerns about hate speech legislation are not based in any support for hateful speech, but in the concern that an aggressive government will use any such law to its own ends. Just imagine what an activist judiciary, fueled by passion for restricting conservative speech, could do with such a law—or how campus authorities might manipulate the language…

The next problem is the legislative definition of anti-Semitism…

(O)rthodox Biblical Christianity—even the simple preaching of the gospel—could be directly targeted by this kind of language. For that matter, by this loose logic the entire New Testament can be targeted as hate speech—just start with the Gospel of John. It’s almost as if this definition had been constructed to serve the ends of liberal theology. It will be even more dangerous in the hands of modern secularists.

Conservative activist Ben Shapiro has come out against the bill, noting massive problems with the definition of anti-Semitism. His concerns are both accurate and honest, and powerful coming from a prominent Jewish voice.

Yoram Hazony, one of the most important Jewish intellectuals of our times, posted on Twitter/X, “Anything that relies on the confused IHRA definition of anti-Semitism is a problem.” I especially appreciate one of his posts from 2022, when he stated: “Orthodox religious traditions—Christian and Jewish—are the only things that will survive the blast furnace of ongoing cultural revolution. Make sure you’re on the right side of this struggle.” He truly understands what is at stake.

Finally, Catherine Austin Fitts points out the atrocities committed by Israel. She points out that there is a spiritual warfare dimension to this entire situation– and a cultural war. But she also asserts this is a financial coup d’etat because the big money forces internationally fanning the flames of war are threatening sovereignty and the constitutional rule of law. (HT: TC Fan).

Unfortunately, the Republicans here in North Carolina and in Washington, DC found the temptation of ample Jewish money all too alluring.


4 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism Update: Criminalizing the New Testament

  1. C.A. Fitts paints a clear and precise picture when she speaks. Very informative and easy to listen to.

    Not sure Mohler understands it was the Republicans that got this through in the house. He needs to wake up to the Progressive ideology in the Republican Party. Although, I wish he would wake up to the progressive movement within the seminary in which he is President of.

  2. Tommy, I think Fitts captured this issue pretty well. I could be more frank and suggest that some of the darkest forces among us have co-opted the Republicans to stick it to their own base for their own benefit, and to allow their agenda to prevail. And the Republicans were more than happy to oblige because of the money.

    I think Mohler understood it was the Republicans who did this, although he tries to create the appearance it was well intentioned. I don’t think it was. You are absolutely right that he ought to wake up to the reality of the modern GOP; but he is a moderate conservative at best; and as you suggest, he has mismanaged certain situations within his own seminary in a manner that suggests he is conflicted somehow.

  3. Let’see now… the Anti Antisemitism Awareness Act by 320-91, with 21 Republican no votes an 70 Democrat no votes, It now goes to the Senate but its fate is unclear having run into objections on both sides of the aisle. We shall see. BTW FIRE is opposed to it . The ACLU also condemned it as danderous

    I have done some research on this bill and have been assured by my Republican congressman ( who voted for it ) and the Congressman who introduced it that —”Nothing in this Act shall be construed to diminish or infringe upon any right protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”
    In other words no one can be imprisoned under this act. ”

    It is true that prominent Jews also have concerns about this bill.

    Now back to Raleigh. The first thing I found is that the Republican candidate for Governor, Mike Robinson, supports the Shalom Act. Also it passed the house 105-4. We will wait for Senator Berger. It looks like a done deal in the NC legislature.

    I guess all we can do is watch and wait.

    1. Fred, that disclaimer “nothing in this act” has no effect if speech is determined by the courts and the administrative state to be a hate crime or a civil rights crime. This has happened in both Canada and in Europe, as you know. You are right we must watch and wait. I am unsure if the US Senate will pass it, in large part because of the anti-Israel contingent in the socialists’ ranks. We might have the crazy situation that it might be law here in NC but not nationwide.

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