Palestinian Protest At Grimsley High School?

AP Dillon is a major league reporter. She has written for the North State Journal– and also for herself.
Check out what she has posted about Grimsley High School here in Greensboro:

Is this not interesting?

It was inevitable that we would start seeing these protests here in Greensboro. After all, our city is a petri dish of radicalism of various types. When you have parents who are extreme left progressive/ socialists, then it is inevitable you will have offspring of the same persuasion.

I wonder how many Grimsley kids belong to the Muslim Student Association. But as we consider this situation, the folly of multicultural immigration becomes frankly obvious. It is foolhardy to import those who are culturally incompatible.

Hamas– welcome to Greensboro.


2 thoughts on “Palestinian Protest At Grimsley High School?

  1. All this is up to the District Attorney. I doubt there are many members of the Muslim Student Association. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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