General Flynn: The Movie

I had a chance to watch the film last night. It was very well produced.

General Michael Flynn had served as Director of National Intelligence under Obama; and was forced to resign. He had produced a report that recommended changes in the Department of Defense that would make our war-fighting more effective. He also wanted to root out waste, fraud and abuse. The national security state, however, did not want his recommendations.

He traveled extensively with Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign season and spoke at some of his rallies. He was ultimately appointed National Security Advisor; but almost immediately, the Deep State acted against him and manufactured allegations to force his resignation. The DOJ prosecuted him on the flimsiest of grounds and nearly destroyed him financially.

What was the most remarkable point of the film? Early in the Trump Administration, Andrew McCabe, the second-in-line at the FBI, met with Vice President Mike Pence. Sally Yates at the DOJ and later Rence Priebus were also involved. Priebus was serving as Trump’s Chief of Staff at the time; and previously had served as head of the Republican National Committee. Because of these interactions, Flynn was called to meet with the President to offer his resignation.

Pence was reportedly very upset with the allegations against Flynn; and instigated with Priebus the move to push out Flynn. These two men were reportedly aligned with the national security state against the former general.

Flynn admitted toward the end of the film having harbored some resentment toward Trump. He had refused a pardon from Trump because he wanted to prove his innocence. It was only after he hired Sidney Powell– several years into the prosecution– that he was able to escape the charges against him.

Trump issued a “pardon of innocence” during late fall, 2020 after the November election.


2 thoughts on “General Flynn: The Movie

  1. Mike Flynn is a patriot and would be a good choice to serve his country again in a position of responsibility in the Trump Administration.

    1. I agree, Fred. This movie was two hours long and covered much territory, but what really stood out to me was the degree to which Pence and secondarily Priebus were portrayed as villains because they were doing the bidding of the forces in the Deep State. They were portrayed as the non-MAGA Republicans inclined to act in this manner. Motives? Lots of money to be made in conjunction with the national security state as it had been run for many individuals and corporations involved in various ways.

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