Bird Flu Potential

The World Health Organization (WHO) is speaking out about Bird Flu:

So far, there is no evidence that the influenza A(H5N1) virus is spreading between humans.

But in the hundreds of cases where humans have been infected through contact with animals, “the mortality rate is extraordinarily high”, Farrar said.

From 2003 to April 1 this year, the WHO said it had recorded 463 deaths from 889 human cases across 23 countries, putting the case fatality rate at 52 percent…

Farrar called for beefing up monitoring, insisting it was “very important understanding how many human infections are happening… because that’s where adaptation (of the virus) will happen”…

He said efforts were under way towards the development of vaccines and therapeutics for H5N1, and stressed the need to ensure that regional and national health authorities around the world have the capacity to diagnose the virus.

This was being done so that “if H5N1 did come across to humans, with human-to-human transmission”, the world would be “in a position to immediately respond”, Farrar said, urging equitable access to vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.

There are a few red flags in this article. They are obviously interested in circulating the 52% mortality figure suggesting that more than half of infected individuals will die. They are also very interested in development of vaccines and therapeutics.

The Covid-19 debacle is within our rear view mirror. We saw how they overhyped how many people would die from that virus to terrify people, enslave us and restructure our lives. We saw how they used it to subvert an election. We saw how they advanced the opportunity to require people to take a dangerous vaccine.

We need to be intensely suspicious about everything they tell us regarding bird flu.


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