8 thoughts on “Which NC GOP Legislators Voted for Billions for Ukraine?

  1. $115 billion US tax dollars have flown into the hands of Ukraine politicians, soon to be followed by $60 billion more.
    Meanwhile, soldiers on the front line are fighting in tattered uniforms, broken down vehicles, and scrounging ammo dropped by Russians because they don’t have enough.

    Too bad someone can’t figure out the “supply chain issue” between the Ukraine politicians receiving our tax money and the soldiers for which it’s intended.

    *cough cough* ..corruption.. *cough cough*

  2. Every major conflict in the world right now is being funded with US tax dollars.
    Sometimes on both sides.

    1. Including all the NGOs fomenting the invasion of our border by 10 million illegal aliens. Our ruling class to all appearances is suiciding our country.

      The Republican Party on the national level is merely the junior marketing department for the corrupt ruling class.

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