The Mayorkas Impeachment Trial That Didn’t Happen

Alejandro Mayorkas, of course, richly deserves to be removed from office. But the democratic socialist party’s US Senators voted in lockstep to shoot down the prospects for an impeachment trial after he had been impeached in the US House. Even the so-called “moderates” within their caucus voted against having a trial.

Of course, their actions are fundamentally about maintaining power at all costs. They know they can escape accountability for their actions because the corrupt media will protect them and refuse to highlight prominently the wild inappropriateness of what they did. This amounts to orchestrated thuggery.

A Jewish organization that Mayorkas served as a board member was highlighted this week because it had been prompting the illegals to vote in American elections.

Chuck Schumer and Mayorkas are both Jewish; and Schumer was the person who engineered the move against conducting the trial. This was not only a matter of protecting one’s co-ethnic. It was also about

  • protecting the electoral interests of the democratic socialist party, which is their plaything;
  • assuring the continued flow of illegals, which suits their political and ethnic interests; and
  • paying off their donors.

Otherwise, it was perfectly legitimate.

Here in North Carolina, Carolina Journal reports that Republicans plan to address voting by non-citizens in the upcoming legislative session.


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