Local Politicians Always Need More Money

It was recently reported that Greensboro’s parks have “pressing maintenance needs” that will require $285 million. How can that be? After all, parks are built, and money is allocated every year in the budget to maintain them. And the budgets are never austere. How is it that, all of a sudden, these “pressing” needs arise?

Another example? The County Manager is asserting he needs much more money in spite of the lavish amounts of additional monies to which the county has had access.

And in spite of the billions the county’s voters have already authorized for school construction, Skip Alston recently asserted they will need ten times that amount.

What you already have is never enough, you see.


2 thoughts on “Local Politicians Always Need More Money

  1. Never enough is right, TC.

    I no longer live in the Peoples Republic of Greensboro.

    Be sure and pay your taxes (-:

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