Case For Transgender Treatments Is Collapsing– Thanks to Europe

We ordinarily would not look toward places like Great Britain or the Netherlands to discover groundbreaking advances toward cultural conservatism. But here we are!

First, the National Health Service (NHS) in Britain commissions a major report that discovers “remarkably weak evidence” for transgender treatments. The organization Do No Harm states this report will shake the foundations of modern gender theory. This is leading the NHS to pause appointments for transgender treatment for minors.

Second, a large Dutch study found that only a small proportion of those minors unhappy with their gender will retain those feelings to adulthood. This is a devastating finding for those who maintain that it is critical to initiate treatments during childhood and adolescence.

These two developments ought to cool the debate somewhat. After all, the transgender push has been fraudulent from the outset. Many young people have been harmed because of the social media juggernaut on this topic; peer influences; parental misdirection; and ethically corrupt physicians and medical institutions.

Maybe now we will begin to see the tide turn.


5 thoughts on “Case For Transgender Treatments Is Collapsing– Thanks to Europe

  1. It turns out that, despite the intense “trans” propaganda of recent years, that is what just about everyone understands.

    From today’s Rasmussen Reports:

    By a 3-to-1 margin, Americans believe there are only two genders, and a majority support laws against transgender treatment for minors.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 71% of American Adults agree with the statement that “there are two genders, male and female,” including 57% who Strongly Agree. Twenty-three percent (23%) disagree, including 10% who Strongly Disagree. …

    Several states have recently enacted legislation prohibiting transgender treatment for minors. Sixty-two percent (62%) of Americans approve of legislation making it illegal to perform sex-change surgery on minors, including 46% who Strongly Approve of such laws. Thirty percent (30%) disapprove of states passing laws to ban such surgeries on minors, including 18% who Strongly Disapprove.

  2. Netherlands: “Results showed at the start of the research, around one-in-10 children (11 percent) expressed ‘gender non-contentedness’ to varying degrees.
    But by age 25, just one-in-25 (4 percent) said they ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ were discontent with their gender.”
    To wit, almost 3/4 got over it.

    1. You’re very welcome, Healey. This is something we have known at least intuitively for some time. But it is very helpful to have data from good studies. The entire edifice of the transgenderism agenda is rapidly imploding.

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