The Fate Of The Nation Depends Upon Christians Acting

Lex Greene outlines the outright scam perpetrated by the democratic socialist party and its overall anti-American stance. He says they are in free fall right now, but issues the following warning:

Lex Greene:

Believe this… evil never rests. It is working around the clock every single day, to destroy everything and everyone that is good. If good rests for even a second, it loses ground. In a nation where over 70% claim the Christian faith, it’s unimaginable how our country can be so flooded with pure evil. There’s only one explanation for that…

Modern Christians do not live their claimed faith in every day life, certainly not in the election booth. Until they do, evil will consume this nation. “Faith without works is dead.” We either save this Republic in this election, or we will not be able to save it at all.

Evil will win, so long as your silence and inaction remains your consent.


2 thoughts on “The Fate Of The Nation Depends Upon Christians Acting

  1. Paul says that we should not be overcome by evil. In other words, we must not let it overwhelm, beat or defeat us. Instead, we should be positively proactive! We should not run, hide or do nothing as the antidote is to do something good.

    Evil is still at work, and we can see the effects of it. So, how does God want us to respond?

    There are many ways of overcoming evil with good.

    Where you see evil at work, then be proactive and do something good!

    God bless

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