NAACP Attacks Summerfield

The very premise that Summerfield must change its zoning policies to satisfy the NAACP is absurd. But the highly militant Greensboro NAACP still filed a complaint with the state alleging violation of fair housing laws.

A brief inspection of this site does not suggest that municipalities have an affirmative responsibility to alter their zoning rules to accommodate multi-family housing.

It could be that the NAACP is “blowing smoke”, or perhaps is trying to enact new zoning policies statewide via administrative or judicial fiat. However, as we have learned many times, the outcome might depend entirely on who the judge is.


2 thoughts on “NAACP Attacks Summerfield

  1. This is bat s–t crazy. If it lands on the state Supreme Court’s docket , I think I know that it will go down in flames.

    1. I have not seen the text of the bill, Fred, but I agree with you that I doubt the law supports the assertion they are making. And in that event, you would be absolutely right that it seems unlikely to pass muster with the NC Supreme Court.

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