Was The Bridge Collapse Terrorism?

I wanted to wait a few days before commenting on the bridge collapse in Baltimore. I had driven over this bridge many times as an alternative to the main I-95 route, but was unaware of its importance– and particularly the importance of the body of water over which it passed.

What rang alarm bells for me? The fact that it occurred soon after the terrorist attack in Moscow, seemingly instigated by “our side”. Could this have been in retribution? Or was it a cyber attack or terrorist attack unrelated to Russia?

Recall that Russia has shown extraordinary restraint toward the United States and other western nations in spite of the numerous provocations we have committed, and in spite of the fact we are waging a proxy war against her.

This incident illustrates how vulnerable we might be in the event that a malign player wants to take us down.

Lara Logan says she has sources that suggest it was not an accident: (HT:TS)


2 thoughts on “Was The Bridge Collapse Terrorism?

  1. We live in a dangerous world with lots of state actors actively seeking to see us fail.

    Logan obviously has good sources and I am inclined to accept her theory . On the other hand if could have been plain old incompetence.

    In any case we have a mess that will take a long time to clean up . As an open society we are susceptible to this and other forms of attack disrupting our economy.

    Nothing funny about this incident but our serial liar, big dummy Biden claims he commuted over collapsed Baltimore Key Bridge by train ‘many times’ – but it doesn’t have any rail lines .)-:

    1. She claims sources within the intelligence community but it is hard to know the basis for what they were telling her. The incident seems very curious in a number of ways. We will know it’s terrorism if it happens again elsewhere.

      And yes, Fred, you are right that we are quite vulnerable.

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