3 thoughts on “Green Energy Makes Us Poorer

  1. As wind and solar capacity increases, it becomes increasingly evident they are hopelessly incapable of delivering power as and when we need it.

    Wind and solar energy are both essentially obsolete technologies. There is a reason why only the very rich or the very adventurous sail across oceans: the wind is unreliable, and at best produces relatively little energy. Nevertheless, liberals have concocted fantasies whereby all of our electricity, or perhaps our entire economy, will be powered by those fickle sources.

    There are a number of reasons why this will never happen.

    Land use constraints are the most basic reason why wind and solar are inexorably destined to fail.

    When “green” advocates tabulate the costs of wind and solar energy, they generally don’t include the thousands of miles of transmission lines that are required to bring electricity from the rural areas that are stuck with “green” development to the urban areas where the electricity is used. But such transmission lines represent a huge economic and environmental issue.

    Research being done by experts sounds a death knell for “green” energy, which is intermittent, unreliable, low-intensity at best, outrageously expensive, and dependent on vast natural resources that may not exist, or at a minimum would require the greatest explosion of mining, manufacturing and transportation in world history.

    “Green” energy holds political sway, which has made a relative handful of people (largely non-Americans and lobbyists) immensely wealthy, while impoverishing utility rate payers and taxpayers–that is to say, the rest of us. This insanity will continue until voters wise up, or–more likely, I am afraid–until the laws of physics, along with land use and raw materials constraints, make it blindingly obvious that the “green dream” is just that. A nightmare.

    By that time, an astonishing amount of wealth will have been destroyed.

    1. You are right, Fred. There are umpteen reasons why green energy is a bad idea. But it is sad what is happening to people who are truly being impoverished because of poor leadership from both parties.

    2. Well said, Fred! A free society with a free market would never shoot itself in the foot as the US is currently doing.

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