Black Females, Black Males and Progressive/Socialist Politics

I am not a fan of David Rubin. However, he is not the main feature in this video. It highlights a black woman who speaks certain truths about dynamics within the black community and the black family, and the specific, nefarious influence of progressive/ socialist politics:


10 thoughts on “Black Females, Black Males and Progressive/Socialist Politics

  1. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiated the destruction of the Black family and culture. The same “welfare” forces flourish presently. It is a very evil and little acknowledged phenomenon. I’m thankful for this woman and her articulateness.

    (BTW, intact black families in the US are quite prosperous as a group. Indeed the richest black people anywhere on the planet.)

    1. Great comments, Healey, and I agree for the most part. You are right that the welfare state is fundamentally evil, and that intact black families tend to do well.

      I want to point out, however, that Aid To Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) began during the Great Depression under Roosevelt. That was the beginning of this mess.

      1. As did a lot of socialist/fascist elements begin under FDR. But as late as ~1960, you had to be married to get subsidized housing in Chicago. The replacement of the father by the Federal government really got going in earnest under LBJ I think.

        An interesting aside: FDR was just turning up the wick on a lot of interventions Hoover had started: The NC Symphony began under a depression-relief program initiated under Hoover. (If you spend enough money, I guess occasionally you’ll do some good.)

  2. From “The Prince” by Machiavelli, on government dependency:

    “Wherefore, a wise Prince should devise means whereby his subjects may at all times, whether favorable or adverse, feel the need of the State and of him, and then they will always be faithful to him.”

  3. Machiavelli wrote that almost 500 years ago (1532).
    Politics hasn’t changed much, has it??

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