Do You Think That Maybe We Are Being Subverted?

It is pretty uncanny that the same thing that happened in the United States is also happening in Canada:


4 thoughts on “Do You Think That Maybe We Are Being Subverted?

  1. I don’t understand Canadian politics. It seems that that there will be no elections there until 2025 . Trudeau, first elected in 2015, will effectively serve at least a decade . This is a Prime Minister who says he admires China’s basic Communist dictatorship

    Pierre Poilievre is a life-long conservative, champion of a free market, and fighter for people taking ownership of and responsibility for their own futures. What he has said should be taken seriously.

    1. I don’t claim to understand Canadian politics either, Fred. But I think there is a bit of a divide between French Quebec/ Ontario and much of the rest of the country. The “conservatives” there have been milquetoast, just as in the US and Britain. But Trudeau is a real problem.

  2. Part of the explanation is that Canadian media is even more explicitly Pravda-like than the US Mockingbird media. They are paid out in the open with taxpayer money, necessarily dependent on toeing the line. The bigger mystery is why the ruling class of both Canada and the US seem intent on suiciding their countries. It’s not like they need more chaos (so often Mao’s strategy) to maintain their rule.

    1. Yes, Healey, and Canada is even more explicitly anti-Christian than the US at this point. It’s pretty clear the left in both countries is intent on moving us to a much more totalitarian future, and suiciding the countries is part of the formula.

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