Doctors Not In Control

I disagree with the premise in the statement Carlson made above: “Eithan Haim is one of the rare American physicians who’s refused to accept the sexual mutilation of children in his hospital.”

Haim certainly should be applauded for his courage to make public something that is terribly wrong, at enormous personal cost. And he is absolutely correct that there are some ethically compromised physicians who are participating in these types of treatments.

But in the modern hospital system, physicians essentially have no voice and no power. There is a medical staff structure; and one or more physicians might also be part of the administrative hierarchy in the hospital system. But they are strictly controlled and only allowed to exist and participate to the extent that they acquiesce with the dictates of the hospital system. If the woke hospital system wants transgender treatments, there is nothing that an individual physician can do about it.

Carlson seems to think that the vast majority of physicians accept these treatments, and that things would be different if physicians did not accept what is happening. That is not, unfortunately, the real world.


6 thoughts on “Doctors Not In Control

  1. We worried so long about medicine becoming socialized…but it collectivized in the opposite direction. We have a fascist medical system. Corporatist for you with tender ears, with govt and corporations having multitudinous tentacles uniting them in an evil marriage. So you are very much right, Triad. Obamacare was the significant nail in the coffin.

    But I think you are being a little tough on Carlson: The degree of harm to health and independent thought ought to generate some kind of response like an independent union of doctors giving a voice for revolt. Doctors are supposed to be unusually smart and conscientious!

    1. Thanks, Healey. Doctors are doing this to some extent. However, more than 70 percent of physicians are now employed by some type of corporate entity– usually hospital systems– and they place their livelihood at risk if they speak out. Some are starting their own practices so they can do the right thing.

      But the hospital systems themselves exist to provide lavish earnings for hospital administrators. And they do. Everything revolves around the economic success of the hospital system so that the administrators can be rewarded financially with seven-or-eight figure salaries and bonuses. If that means sexually mutilating kids, then so be it, according to these woke devils.

    1. That was a wonderfully funny movie. Never forget the line “Oh my God, what knockers!”

  2. Great clip, Fred. Yes, we have created a monster with these hospital systems as they have evolved.

    By the way, Fred, I am OLD… I saw that movie in the theaters way back when it was released, 50 years ago.

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