Malfeasance at the CDC and FDA

Dr. Steven Hatfill documents in painstaking detail the many instances of ethical and legal wrong-doing within the federal government on the matter of Covid-19 and the “vaccines”. He focuses specifically on the FDA and CDC.

He says they need to be held accountable and reformed. But from a constitutional standpoint, they really ought not even exist.


2 thoughts on “Malfeasance at the CDC and FDA

  1. Dr. Hatfill is spot on when he says ” this madness must stop now. It is time for individual and group accountability.”

    This is not the first time he has crossed swords with the Federal Government.

    He became the subject of extensive media coverage beginning in mid-2002, when he was a suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks. His home was repeatedly raided by the FBI, his phone was tapped, and he was extensively surveilled for more than two years; he was also terminated from his job at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). At a news conference in August 2002, Hatfill denied that he had anything to do with the anthrax letters and said “irresponsible news media coverage based on government leaks” had “destroyed his reputation”. He filed a lawsuit in 2003, accusing the FBI agents and Justice Department officials who led the criminal investigation of leaking information about him to the press in violation of the Privacy Act.

    In 2008, the government settled Hatfill’s lawsuit with a $4.6 million annuity totaling $5.8 million in payment. The government officially exonerated him of any involvement in the anthrax attacks.

    1. Yes, Fred, Dr. Hatfill has a history. Thanks for giving us that context. I have been impressed with how well constructed his journal articles are.

      Of course, all the institutional players that erred so severely on Covid continue to do so, and large portions of the population remain unaware of the degree of wrongdoing that took place.

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