4 thoughts on “Our Current Circumstances

  1. Well, that was a pretty bleak picture. We have to wait 10 months for a free America. In the meantime let’s hope there are some patriots who will stand up against theses evil socialist forces before the dam breaks

  2. Scott Adams watched Tucker’s Mike Benz interview and produced a rather cogent analysis out of it: DEI, open borders, prosecutors who don’t prosecute actual crime, forever wars in the Eastern hemisphere, J6, the Plandemic, make your electricity and everything else you need more expensive for Climate change, gender lunacy…all these things that seem broken to us…are weapons for the ruling cabal. I’ve been scratching my head wondering why they seem intent on suiciding the country, but I think Scott’s analysis rationalizes it. All these things that seem broken to us are weapons they use to destroy people who value individual liberty, meritocracy, and independent thought.

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